We firmly believe in art and the active participation
of individuals as a powerful tool to foster social transformations.

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Day of remembrance and solidarity of the victims of the armed conflict

On the 09th of April we will mobilize in Amsterdam of memory and solidarity with the victims of the armed conflict in Colombia. This date is a great opportunity to gather, raise our voices, and remind the world that in Colombia dreaming of an inclusive society is a deadly risk. According to the Institute of Development and Peace Studies, since the signature of the peace agreement in 2016 to date, that is to say, five years: 288 massacres have been perpetrated, 308 former members of the FARC-EP guerrilla have been killed, as well as 1327 leaders and human rights defenders; 41 of them, so far in 2022. To vindicate the life and the struggles of the ones represented by these numbers, Here We Draw the Line invites you to participate in a demonstration on the 9th of April at the Dam Square in Amsterdam, from 14:30 to 17:00. There, all together we can say that their struggles are alive and are ours! We will honor the labor of social leaders, human rights defenders, peasants, syndicalists, students, women and men that were killed and are now an example and inspiration to keep demanding the respect of life and the construction of a space where we all are welcome.


Plaza Dam, Amsterdam.
*Wear black because we are in mourning. Bring a red scarf or garment on hand, if you want to be part of the performance. You can also bring an instrument to shake the streets of Amsterdam.

Why mobilize on April 9?

On April 9 we gather to support a cause that mobilizes us here and in Colombia: the vindication of the memory of the victims of violence. Social leaders, human rights defenders, students, peasants, syndicalists, environmental defenders, women, and men who sacrificed their lives for the legitimate claim of an inclusive country. Today their struggles are our struggles, the seed they planted has germinated and is prompting a structural transformation in Colombia.

For this reason, Here we Draw the Line, a feminist collective, will demonstrate with the projectulletproof Memories relies on a blend of art and activism (artivism), as we firmly believe that arts, social mobilisations, and active participation are powerful means of fostering social transformations and social justice. Through this project we create exhibitions as spaces where discussions, critical reflection and learning can flourish, and participate in civil society mobilisations to support cooperation and collective action for the protection of human rights.

Another central aim of the project is to honor and preserve the memory of the Colombian social leaders, and carry on their messages and the significance of their struggles. To convey their stories in a coherent and informative way, we complement each portrait with an investigation which details the leaders’ lives, struggles and the context where they lived. Hence, the portraits come alive with an extra layer of detail, which allows both the audience and the artists to develop a deeper, more personal connection with the leaders and the causes they defended. We hope Bulletproof Memories to be a source of inspiration, learning, and connection that brings us closer to stand together for the protection of human rights, and encourages us to reflect about the role that we can play in constructing social justice and peace.

Sources: (1) Indepaz.



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There are sources of information and organizations that work with victims of the conflict in Colombia.

For example check out: "Somos Defensores"


If you want to make a portrait and know about the life and social struggles of one of the Colombian Social Leaders, contact us.

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What do we do?

We work in the development of cultural and artistic activities to promote the defence of the Colombian social leader’s life and integrity.

About us

We are a collective of activists based in different countries around the world. We are united by the urgency of raising international awareness of the human rights violations happening in Colombia, with the national government’s complicity. We firmly believe in the art and the active participation of individuals as a powerful tool to foster social transformations.

We promote spaces where art and critical thinking connect to make public the human rights crisis going on in Colombia, to discuss, protest and seek collective awareness. We want to stop being passive observers and instead play a role as activists; our contribution will be to inform, involve, and invite people worldwide to raise their voices against the violent events happening in Colombia.

We are a non-profit initiative and we are not affiliated with any political party. 


Together against the stigmatization of protest in Colombia.

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