Carmen Elizabeth Tintinago Albán

Carmen Elizabeth Tintinago Albán was a member of the female group called Organization for Urban and Rural Development (ORDEUCA). She also took part in the Peasants’ Guard from Chapa-Sotará village in the Cauca region. Carmen was murdered on September 21, 2018 at her residence, her body had severe head injuries. Her relatives reported that, the year before, she had received threats from an inhabitant of the place where she lived. However, nothing is known about the motive of the crime.

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The Colombian peasant movement

Colombian peasants organized collectively in the 20th century to claim their role as a productive entity and demand their right to access lands. The peasant movement was structured in 1950 by the National Association of Peasant Users (ANUC).

In reaction to the agrarian reform of the Chicoral Pact of 1972, which favoured landowners and affected the peasant movement, ANUC took a political position of independence from the state. This rupture gave the peasant groups a political identity.

In the 90s, farmers became the main victims of the neoliberal reforms, paramilitary violence and drug trafficking. Likewise, the production of illicit crops expanded as a survival strategy.

Today, peasant communities continue to seek recognition as subjects of rights, access to land and autonomy over it.



Popular education and the peasants’ struggle for rights

Carmen Elizabeth Tintinago Albán was a member of the Peasants' Guard and the female group ORDEUCA. Both organizations are linked to the Peoples' Congress and the National Agrarian Coordinator (CNA).

These organizations develop training processes in Human Rights, first aid, conflict resolution, and other initiatives that address the government's abandonment in education, health, and road infrastructure.

The popular education approach seeks social transformation. That is why the political training of ORDEUCA women trains women as leaders who actively participate in political affairs and who are aware of the need to gradually transform the imaginaries that hamper the construction of democracy and citizenship.


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