José Manuel Pana Epieyú

Murdered on September 13, 2019 in Riohacha-Maicao, La Guajira. José was a Palabrero from the Wayuú community of Maicao in La Guajira. He was part of the Greater Board of Palabreros and his leadership was recognized because among the indigenous communities of the north of La Guajira he was in charge of carrying out the peaceful resolution of conflicts through dialogue and words. The figure of El Palabrero in the Wayúu culture is of very high importance, because in addition to fulfilling a diplomatic task, they have a very important spiritual character.
José Manuel belonged to the Wayuu indigenous community of Karaquita, in the rural area of ​​Maicao.
José confronted and proclaimed to the multinational Cerrejón for the respect of indigenous territories, considered sacred and were not the object of negotiations for extractivism.
On another occasion, at a meeting of the Wayú Nation with delegates of Human Rights from the European Union, in Riohacha; the leader raised his voice protesting against the systematic corruption of the State and the indifference of its political leaders.
“Mr. Pana Epieyú stood out throughout his life as a central figure in the processes of peaceful conflict resolution, especially in the Jurpimana community, in Maicao” “He was fundamental in the task of sharing and resolving the concerns of the victims of the conflict over their rights in the transitional justice system ”, the entities detailed about a meeting they had with Pana Epieyú, on August 9, called Voces de las Víctimas, which took place in the city of Riohacha in La Guajira.

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