Lucy Villarreal

Lucy Villareal was a social leader and artist in the municipality of Tumaco. Her social leadership happened through different artistic and cultural activities. She was part of the 'Indoamericanto' foundation. There, she promoted the exhibition 'Mujeres Sur y Vida' (Women South and Life), which made visible the work of women human rights defenders. She also took part in the organization of the 'Blancos y Negros Carnaval' celebrated in Pasto.

On December 24, 2019, she was murdered in a village called Llorente after giving an art workshop.


Violence in the Pacific coast of Nariño

The municipality of Tumaco and the Pacific coast of Nariño have become a scene of violence due to territorial disputes over the control of illegal economies. This region is home to armed groups such as FARC dissidents and armed structures led by drug traffickers.

The territorial disputes have affected rural communities that are forcing them to move to urban areas. These armed groups sow terror among the communities to ensure control over geostrategic drug trafficking routes and dissipate any community organization process.


Deactivate illicit economies to stop violence

According to the Centre for Research and Popular Education (CINEP), a new wave of violence has followed the signing of the peace agreement. Indigenous communities, Afro-descendant and/or community leaders, illicit crop substitution leaders and young people recruited by armed groups are among the victims of this wave of violence on the Pacific Coast of Nariño.

Part of the solution to the new wave of violence in the area depends on deactivating illicit economies. Therefore, CINEP has suggested the full implementation of the Peace Agreement, with its National Program for the Substitution of Illicit Crops, as part of the solution.



Tatiana Pinzón Salavarrieta

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