Yamid Alonso Silva Torres

Assassinated in February 2020 at 38 years old. He worked as a protector of El Cocuy National Natural Park: the largest glacier mass in Colombia, with more than 25 snow and ice peaks within two mountain ranges of approximately 30 kilometers long and 4 wide, 150 lagoons that enrich the Sierra’s water supply area, the park also has páramo and a part of Andean forest and jungle, which are habitat to a great diversity of flora and fauna. His murder took place within the framework of his ecotourism control activities in the La Esperanza sector of this National Park, in the municipality of Güicán. ”He was obsessed with the mountain on which he had grown up. He always spoke of his three small children with the same propriety with which he referred to the mountain´s glacier, its frailejones and its water sources. The landscape was an extension of his family, like him, 12 park rangers have lost their lives caring for the natural treasures of Colombians. And hundreds more have experienced the harshest threats and pressures with no protection whatsoever.”

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